Cultivating Homelands : Digital Resources


American Life Histories. Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. October 8, 1999 <>.

Atlanta History Center. 30 May 2002 <> .

Each April the center sponsors the Spring Folklife Festival. Demonstrations and hands-on learning about farming life in the Georgia Piedmont.

Dromgoole, Will Allen. "The Heart of Old Hickory and Other Stories of Tennessee: Electronic Edition." Documenting the American South. 1997. University of Chapel Hill. October 8, 1999. <>.

Inman Farm Home Page. Minter Farm. 22 February 2000 <>.

Site showcases farm tours.

Jimmy Carter Library and Museum Home Page. 6 May 2002. Carter Library and Museum. April 20, 2000 <>.

Brief biographies of Carter and his wife. Texts of selected speeches. A bibliography of children's literature about Carter. Procedures for getting permission to do research at the library.

National Archives and Records Administration Home Page. 28 May 2002. NARA. July 5, 2001 <>.

Of most interest is "The Digital Classroom: Primary Sources, Activities, and Training for Educators and Students." <> Several subcategories. "History in the Raw" presents an argument for using primary sources such as diaries, letters, drawings, and memoirs in the classroom and includes suggestions for teachers on where to locate local primary source materials. "Document Analysis Worksheets" are excellent handouts to download for students to use in analyzing written texts, photos, artifacts, cartoons, posters, maps, sound recordings, and movies.

Small Farming Resources. Ed. Steve Fitzpatrick. Extension Agricultural and Applied Economics. 5 November 1999 <>.

Site showcases numerous links to small farm issues.

Swamp Gravy Home Page. Swamp Gravy Institute. 30 May 2002 <>.

Provides information on the history of Swamp Gravy, dates for upcoming productions, and a summary of The Swamp Gravy Institute.

Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP). ParktNet, National Park Service. July 2, 2001 <>.

Lesson plans, information on how to use places, and information on how to obtain an author's packet that will help determine what local sites would be good to use for lessons.

"WPA Life Histories from Georgia." WPA Life Histories. October 7, 1999 <>.