Reclaiming Displaced Heritages: Digital Resources


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Showcases Indian land cessions prior to 1800.

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Timeline; overview of Cherokee in North Georgia society and culture. Extensive history in three parts. Removal forts; Cherokee Phoenix.

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Showcases Indian groups: Woodland, Moundbuilders, Creek, and Cherokee.

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Showcases numerous links to forts, famous people, and other historic sites. Extensive coverage of Cherokee, with user friendly links to history, sites to visit.

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Showcases the Federal Indian Removal Policy.

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Showcases the site, hours of operation, information contact, and nearby attractions.

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Official site of the Cherokee Nation. Includes web of recognized American Indian tribes. History and Cherokee Phoenix.

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Showcases a great paper by this 3rd grade student in St. Louis.

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Showcases history, photographs, study questions/answers, and student resources.