Collaborative History-Writing
By the Georgia "Educating for Citizenship" Team

This Uplifting a "New" South section of our website drew upon research and writing from many contributors.
Besides Deborah Mitchell's oral history-gathering and Ed Hullender's archival research, presenting our story about Spelman also involved Marty Lamers' research of related web sites and Sarah Robbins' contributing information from her current scholarship on post-Civil War education.
Preparing copies of archival documents meant making typed transcriptions of that material and edited those new copies for web mounting-a task very capably done by Stacie Janecki and Heather Hester. Michael Reese took photographs to add some of the story's visuals.

Most of all, we owe an enormous debt to the talented and generous archivist at Spelman College, Ms. Taronda Spencer. Ms. Spencer not only welcomed our visits to the Spelman library; she also facilitated a workshop for the entire KCAC team of teachers to learn about the college's history and about strategies for doing archival recovery. In addition, she loaned copies of the Spelman Messenger for our study and provided some spectacular images from the Spelman collection for inclusion in this section of the website.

Much like the founding of Spelman itself, this rendering of its history has been a collaborative effort, bringing together a diverse group of people for a shared educational aim