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KCAC teachers and their students around the U.S. study and reflect upon the ways that American communities have been formed in varying times and places. Explore a few of the great teaching ideas that have resulted from this project so far by clicking on the links below. These flexible lessons can be adapted to a variety of grade levels and regions. Lessons are sorted according to approximate class time required.

Click here for information about our two recently published books.

  • Introductory Lessons: These mini-lessons serve to introduce students and teachers to the principals of the KCAC curriculum and can be squeezed into almost any busy teacher's schedule.

  • Intermediate Lessons: Ready for more? Try these slightly more ambitious community-based writing activities. These lessons take 2-5 days class time to complete.
  • Long-term Projects: Take the plunge and commit to one of these exciting long-term projects designed to teach students to embrace community and discover their place in it.

  • Extended Lesson Treatments : Explore these more detailed lessons, complete with student artifacts, student and teacher reflections, and cross-curricular applications.
Some whole courses and extended units, at different grade levels and in different subject areas, have been developed around the KCAC framework. Click below for some examples to explore.


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