Community Projects

The KCAC program promotes participation in both the "keeping" and the "creating" of American communities. When teachers and students identify places, people, events, and ideas to study, they become invested in their communities as stewards of American culture--as preservationists, advocates, scholars, and active citizens. Involvement in community projects, therefore, is at the heart of our work. Some projects center on preserving or recovering landmarks, such as cemeteries or historic buildings; some involve leading other community members to a deeper understanding of the power of place; some celebrate the many different people who help make up the culture where we live. Whatever the project, the goal remains constant: "Look into the past for a direction to follow" (Creek Medicine Man). Bringing together study of the past with careful critique of present-day life and projections for future social interactions, collaborative projects in the KCAC program can both "keep" and "create" American communities.

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