KCAC invites educators from all subject areas, grade levels, and school environments to study and to shape American communities.

This website introduces educators and community members to a model for interdisciplinary learning developed in a multi-year project funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Over several years, teachers affiliated with the National Writing Project created this curricular program for teaching collaboratively about American communities.

The program promotes student research and writing to explore community life. Through community projects and collaborative research, KCAC supports students' and teachers' interactions with community members. These collaborations expand the study of local cultures to reflect the increasing diversity evident in American life.

The five images on our KCAC logo embody the humanities-oriented focus of our project’s content. We organized our work around five thematic strands to study American communities in specific historical moments. Our website supports other teachers’ applications of our classroom resources and thematic content in their own local communities.

To see the original documentation for this project, click here.

Contact us at kmwp@kennesaw.edu if you have additional questions or would like to arrange for KCAC workshops at your school or district.

Specific Goals of this web site:

    • Invite teachers and students to create a classroom community through research and writing.
    • Share lesson plans created and used by KCAC educators and their students.
    • Share KCAC research gathered by educators and students.
    • Encourage educators to include community-based inquiry and authentic research with primary sources in their curriculum.
    • Investigate how the recovery, critique, and creation of community texts can reflect the dynamic values of local and larger communities.
    • Model research methodology for other regions using our national themes

How to use this web site:

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Curricular Program


  • Find out about the main goals of the KCAC program
  • Learn about our project design, program components and chronology
  • See the benefits teachers can gain from KCAC participation

Thematic Content
  • Learn about topics studied by KCAC participants
  • Get ideas for teaching about community life in different times and places
  • Find and read models for doing community-based research
Classroom Resources
  • Find lesson plans for your classroom, for different subjects and grade levels
  • Get ideas for extended projects or units using KCAC principles
  • See examples of whole courses organized around KCAC themes and principles

Community Projects
  • See an example of a community-wide student writing contest
  • See a model of high school and elementary school collaboration
Who We Are
  • Meet individual teachers who have participated in the KCAC program
  • Find out about the leadership roles teachers have held in the KCAC project
  • Learn about the variety of schools involved in the program

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