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This website was designed by Marty Lamers, based on a framework created by KCAC program webmaster Traci Blanchard. Marty, a student enrolled in the fall 2000 offering of Honors 2290, worked as a KCAC intern in the months after the course to prepare this site as a model for other instructors participating in the project and as a record of one class informed by the work of the program. The website's content brings together written explanations by the course instructor, Sarah Robbins, with materials originally prepared by students and later, in some cases, edited by Marty.

Sarah Robbins, director of the Keeping and Creating American Communities program, is an associate professor of English and English Education at Kennesaw State. She teaches classes in American Studies, American literature, women's writing, and literacy studies. She also serves as director of the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project, an affiliate site of the National Writing Project, which provides ongoing professional development opportunities for writing teachers from kindergarten through university.

Marty Lamers, a student intern and a sophomore at Kennesaw State University, is pursuing an English degree, focusing on a writing career.

Marty would like to thank the following people for their help and patience throughout this project's development:
Bob Muir at the Varsity, Joyce Ethridge and the staff at the Shields-Etheridge Farm, and Bridget Doss, my personal technical saviour.

Marty and Sarah are also very grateful to the members of two energetic communities who have contributed to the building of this website-the KCAC project team and the students in Honors 2290.


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