Community Projects:
Bridges Contest

The "Bridges: Moving to New American Communities" K-12 Writing Contest was one of our first and most successful collaborative projects linking many teachers from the KCAC program to other educators, families, schools, and the larger community. Are you interested in conducting your own community-wide writing contest? If so, we have information below that you can adapt to your own local context.

When we initiated the Bridges initiative, we never expected the overwhelming response we received. More than 100 students from 29 local schools entered the contest hoping to earn a prize in one of four grade-level categories. They wrote beautiful stories about the challenges and triumphs they experienced moving to and within Georgia. They showed great passion in their storytelling, captivating the judges of three different panels. After a challenging decision-making process, the judges did select winning entries and additional exemplary pieces which now fill the pages of our Bridges anthology.

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