Re-examining the Cherokee Removal

This replica of the office that published the Cherokee Phoenix newspaper stands at New Echota, site of the Cherokee Nation's capital from 1825 until 1937. The newspaper was printed between 1828 and 1834, and the original Phoenix building was burned to the ground in 1938.



An overview of the GA team's approach to Reclaiming Displaced Heritages
by Leslie Walker

Where the Deer Ran: an Original Historical Drama a pdf document (Acrobat Reader needed for viewing)
by Adam Russell

Historical Background for Where the Deer Ran: Events Leading to the Cherokee Removal
by Patsy Hamby

New Echota Historic Site Virtual Toura PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint viewer required for viewing)
by Stacie Janecki (KSU Honors Student)

Reclaiming Displaced Heritages: An Annotated Bibliography
by Leslie Walker and Rozlyn Truss

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