Student Projects

Building Cities

There are two student projects to survey here, both were completed following the design the Urban Life project, the details of which can be found by clicking here.a pdf document (Acrobat Reader needed for viewing)

The first project was originally presented in a lively and engaging classroom presentation complete with hats and menus by Rosalyn-Sue Smith and Sarah Breede. This project is a PowerPoint presentation on a favorite Atlanta landmark, the Varsity restaurant, and you can view a web-edited version by clicking the image below:a PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint viewer required for viewing)

The second project is a promotional brochure designed and produced by Lindsay Miller and Jessica Delk.They presented Atlanta's World Congress Center in a three-fold brochure, using self-generated images and an original design and layout. The brochure, which the students printed, folded, and presented to the class, is scanned into a viewable pdf file, which can be accessed by clicking here.a pdf document (Acrobat Reader needed for viewing)

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