Building Cities

This course's look at the "Building Cities" theme focused on Atlanta's efforts, between the 1970s and today, to define itself as a cultured, corporate center with an expansive international identity. While Atlanta Rising served as the major print reading assignment associated with this theme, students also did extensive reviews of websites created by a range of Atlanta organizations to see how those groups have been "building" new portraits of the city for World Wide Web audiences. By doing research for their Urban Culture projectsa pdf document (Acrobat Reader needed for viewing), two of which are linked below, students got to know the history of particular places within the city of Atlanta (e.g., The Varsity restauranta PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint viewer required for viewing)) and imagined ways that still-developing locations and communities (e.g., the World Congress Centera pdf document (Acrobat Reader needed for viewing)) might use new technologies to represent the role they would like to play in the life of the city.

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a pdf document (Acrobat Reader needed for viewing)
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