Shifting Landscapes, Converging Peoples

Students in Honors 2290 explored KCAC's "Shifting Landscapes, Converging Peoples" theme by learning about issues emerging in the northwest Georgia suburbs today. A major text linked to this theme for the class was a documentary film: Displaced in the New South. Another was Crabgrass Frontier, a sociological study whose findings, though reported over a decade ago and based mainly on research of communities in other regions, still underscore important recurring questions about suburban life in our region. Students also listened to audiotape essays performed by Carmen Deedy-compelling personal stories based on her experiences Growing Up Cuban in Decatur, Georgia. All throughout the course, we frequently discussed how popular culture texts tend to stereotype suburban life-a topic which led us to create an assignment centered in an image-based representation of the suburbs, made more resonant by juxtaposing it with commentary from Crabgrass Frontier and a new verbal framework (e.g., a poem, an essay-like reflection) created by the student.

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