Reclaiming Displaced Heritages
Links to Georgia History Websites

The following links will provide a well-researched database to further your studies of early Georgia, and in particular, North Georgia Cherokee history.
Note: To return to this page from a linked site, use the BACK button on your server. This is a link to the archives on the Georgia Secretary of State site, a very informative and comprehensive site covering many aspects of Georgia life, both past and present. As the site name implies, this site focuses on North Georgia, and includes some great historic (as well as more current) regional information. I recommend starting with their link page, to quickly narrow any search. This link will take you to the Carl Vinson Institute of Government site, sponsored by the University of Georgia. This is another well presented site-very informative, attractive, and easy to navigate. You may also research "This day in Georgia history" on this site, to explore any day's historical significance.
[NOTE:html address subject to change]This address connects you to a wonderful Georgia history link page, complete with a brief explanation of the contents found on each site listed. A link to every site I studied in connection to the history of North Georgia (and the Cherokee in particular) can be found within this site, as well as many more links to related materials. This site is truly an outstanding resource.

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