Uplifting a "New" South

Images courtesy of the Spelman College Archives

Spelman College is a private, liberal arts, historically Black college for women located in Atlanta, Georgia. Spelman holds a legacy rich in community perseverance and achievement, clearly representing the ideals illuminated by KCAC's Educating For Citizenship strand. The Georgia KCAC team therefore examined Spelman's rich history and learned how a desire to learn, dedication, decades of hard work, and sometimes, a little extra help from above came together to create one of America's truly remarkable educational success stories.

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Creating a New Context for Studying African Americans' Post-Civil War Education
by Sarah Robbins

A Timeline of Spelman College's Early History
by Ed Hullender

Father Quarles and Aunt Ruth: Leaders for Spelman and All of Georgia
by Deborah Mitchell

Early Graduates: Writers and Community Leaders
Transcriptions from the Spelman Messenger

Reflections on Writing (from) an Oral History
by Deborah Mitchell

Doing Archival Research
by Ed Hullender


by the "Educating for Citizenship" Team



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